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Tracking Details for Ad #213

This report shows tracking details for ad 213 (aptera). The ad updates every other hour. The "Y" column shows if ad is currently assigned to the target, The "IPs" row shows unique IPs. "Views" show unique Page Views. I charge $25.00 for 100,000 page views. Hits is the hit count.

Target Hits
Web SiteTargetYStartEndIPsViewsHits
Cochise CountyAuto DealersY6/7/20216/19/2021810
Coconino CountyAuto DealersY6/7/20216/19/2021912
Graham CountyAuto DealersY6/7/20216/19/202199
Navajo CountyAuto DealersY6/11/20216/19/202166
Phoenix ColorAuto DealersY6/7/20216/20/20212237
Pima CountyAuto DealersY6/7/20216/20/20211620
Pinal CountyAuto DealersY6/9/20216/20/2021810
Santa Cruz CountyAuto DealersY6/11/20216/19/2021441
Yuma CountyAuto DealersY6/7/20216/20/20211216
Durango ColoradoAuto DealersY6/7/20216/20/20212327
Grand JunctionAuto DealersY6/7/20216/19/20212438
Internet RiversAuto DealersY6/7/20216/20/20214475
MoabAuto DealersY6/9/20216/19/20212333
Saint GeorgeAuto DealersY6/8/20216/20/20213848


The sites have displayed this ad 345 times. I have tracked 1 hits. This is a click through rate of 0.3 percent.